CVI/Functional Vision Evaluation Kit

•    Penlight/flashlight with different colored caps/filters
•    Flashlight with different colored filters
•    Mylar Pom Poms (preferably red and yellow)
•    Cereal and other real or simulated food items (Fruit Loops, red licorice, banana, Cake Decors and Cheerios)
•    Mylar paper or wrapping paper (preferably red and yellow)
•    Soap bubbles, for blowing
•    Measuring tape
•    Slinky (solid colors and plastic)
•    Hidden pictures or I Spy book
•    Variety of different colored balls in a variety of sizes
•    A black, light-absorbing background (2 yards of black fabric, Invisiboard, or other similar material/board )
•    2 yards of white fabric
•    Variety of flashing lights (including bikers safety light, snap-on-spoke light clips, etc.)
•    Supplementary light (such as an Ott Lite, or a clamp on directional light)
•    Variety of yellow and red toys such as Elmo, Big Bird, reflective mirror, balls, etc. (or “sets of red and/or yellow objects to be sorted into same colored containers)
•    Black and white toys
•    Mirrors
•    Eye patch or occluder
•    Suspended or moving objects (windsock, ball on elastic cord, etc.)
•    Reflective materials – mylar balloons, pom poms, shakers, etc.
•    Slap bracelets in reflective red and yellow
•    Blinking “ice cubes” attached to elastic “ring” band (or any blinking lights that can be thoroughly cleaned/washed)
•    Personal “Laser Light Show” fan
•    Spinning Pinwheel on long stick (yellow or red)
•    Variety of sunglasses (BabyBanz, yellow clip-ons, overglasses sunglasses, etc), and croakies (adjustable straps to hold glasses in place)
•    Visors or brimmed caps
•    Items from everyday routines in solid colors (cups, spoons, toothbrushes, etc.)
•    Container of Lysol wipes
•    Notebook of variety of CVI articles for parents
•    Rolling suitcase to hold it all in
•    Extension cord(s)
•    Extra Batteries (AA and AAA)
•    Selected equipment and materials from APH including;
o    Regular or Mini Light Box with clear and colored overlays and colored acrylic objects
o    ToAD: Tools for Assessment and Development of Visual Skills
o    Invisiboard
o    ISAVE Visual Field/Acuity Grid
o    Sensory Learning Kit
***Make sure to have the parent bring in the child’s favorite toy
Created by Diane Sheline, CTVI, CLVT,    updated 09/18/2008

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